Chocolate Wrap + Peeling

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Wrapping pleasure and relaxation and hydration.

Peeling Benefits

  • Within body treatments, peeling or exfoliation has been revealed as one of the most important when it comes to treating our skin and keeping it young and smooth. The aim of the peel is, first and foremost, to purify and oxygenate the skin. Dead cells are removed by performing a superficial peeling, and thus, the skin will receive the active ingredients better and the treatments will be more effective.

Chocolate wrap benefits

  • The chocolate wrap consists of a unique, sensitive and energetic experience. Cocoa contains natural antioxidants, which have a positive effect not only on a cardiovascular level (due to the dilation of the vessels), but also on the psychological one, because it helps the production of endorphins, natural substances that awaken our feelings of happiness.
  • Chocolate helps tone the muscles, the skin is stimulated getting a healthy tone, while distributing its minerals.