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State of the art, non-invasive, selective bipolar radiofrequency thermal induction equipment. Our ThermaLipo II machine is designated for facial treatments (wrinkles, firming and rejuvenation) and body treatments (cellulite, flaccid skin and specific fatty areas. This unique, patented application system AMFLY consists of heating the tissue from the deep inside up to the surface, obtaining an intense, consistent, safe and pinpointed treatment. The duration of treatment will be planned according to the criteria of our professionals. Facial treatments will be from 6 to 8 sessions and the body treatments will be from to 10 to 12 sessions, obtaining visible results from the first day. BENEFITS: · Increasing local blood circulation by dilation of the blood vessels. · Opening the capillaries and therefore permitting more oxygen. · Improved tissue tropism and metabolic exchanges. · Easing the reabsorption of excess intercellular fluid. · Drainage of toxins in the treated tissue. · Improving the quality of the skin, with an evident change in the texture, color, tension or reaffirmation of it, significantly improving the various types of cellulite.