Seaweed wrap + peeling

90 min.
89.5 €
For 1 Person
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A body peel is performed followed by a wrap

Peeling benefits.

Within body treatments, peeling or exfoliation has proven to be one of the most important when it comes to treating our skin and keeping it young and smooth. The objective of the peeling is, above all, to purify and oxygenate the skin. Dead cells are removed by superficial peeling, and thus, the skin will better receive the active ingredients and the treatments will be more effective.

Benefits of the wrap.

Algae are a source of life, they have many therapeutic properties and are one of the most beneficial natural elements for our skin. Through the skin we absorb countless vital elements for health and beauty.

It is a detoxifying and remineralizing algae-based treatment, which begins with the wrap and ends with a pleasant shower.