Conditions of the promotion:

  • It will be sold from September 3rd to 10th, both inclusive.
  • It will be enjoyable up to 45 days after purchase.
  • Price valid for resident and non-resident
  • This entry does not include towel service, bathrobe, or slippers.
  • Our lockers work with a 1€ returnable coin at the end of its use.
  • To rent a towel, you must pay 2€ and leave a deposit of 10€ per towel (you can also bring your own)
Solidarity Spa
Solidarity Spa

Incredible service.

I have repeated several times already. This last time I went with my partner, I went to the physiotherapy and he to the massage room, we loved the treatment and the service. Then we ended up in the spa, and we relaxed even more. For me the best spa in Tenerife and the most complete.


Of the SPA to which I have been able to go, this is one of the best.

The customer service, the cleaning and especially that really is one of the best by far. The treat with the client, the cleaning, the treatment they do for the professional staff… I would go back without thinking.


I went a couple of times

and the truth is that I came out very relaxed, the customer service is excellent and without a doubt it is one of the best spas in Tenerife, I recommend it to everybody and their facilities are excellent.