Thermal Circuit

Enjoy our extensive spa circuit with whirlpool baths, relaxation pool, toning pool, Turkish bath, shower temple, foot bath, sauna, pre-sauna, flotarium and relaxation area. The water jets massage away the stresses and strains of everyday life.

M2 of Thermal Circuit
Different zones
Balinese Beds

Circuit areas

Dynamic Pool

Large pool with jets at 34º with a volume of 600m3. Spread along the walls and floor, water/air jets of different intensity, 32 swan neck jets, counter-current, jets for the whole body, from the sole of the foot to the head. 24 bubble beds etc. We will reduce muscular tensions in an entertaining way, whether we are alone or in company.


Enjoy our large jacuzzi filled with bubbling, warm water and relax! Enjoy the power of jets to massage your sore muscles. Combine hydrotherapy, relaxation and pleasure.

Toning Pool

Toning pool between 10 and 12 degrees. The cold water tones the blood vessels and produces vasoconstriction.


Swimming pool with the warm water of 35º and highly saline water, allows the body to float without any effort of its own. The body encounters less resistance and a sensation of weightless feeling, which reduces muscle tension.

Turkish bath

Turkish baths offer high humidity, purifying experience. Room temperature 45 degrees and 99% humidity. Just sit back and relax!


Room temperature 50º and humidity 70%.


Enjoy the benches, the softness of the steam, the bath’s embrace… You are warmly invited to enjoy your sauna with all your senses. Sauna at 90º temperature


Our unique feet bath comforts and relaxes your feet and body for better sleep and wellness. Enjoy a slow walk through small stones which are massaging your feet and provide a sense of relaxation in your whole body. Cold water sprinkles on your calf to improve circulation and promotes weightless feeling in your legs.

Relax Zone

Chill out area with sun loungers to rest after the circuit.

Balinese Beds

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Family Day
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What our customers say

It is very nice to do something relaxing. The staff treated us very well. Can't miss it, we will definitely come back. The staff were really lovely. I have been there twice with my partner and we love it. Thank you

A great place to go and relax through all the jets and pools. I took my sister as a birthday present while she was here on holiday. She loved it.

A wonderful Spa to have all manner of pools and treatments with hair and nails on site also. Bright and clean with good service. Recommended.