Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy technique that involves the application of gentle massages on different areas of the body in which the client is interested with the aim of improving the circulation of lymph and the lymphatic system, thereby achieving numerous benefits that are listed below. By achieving the automatic contraction of the lymphatic vessels, oedemas and other alterations derived from poor lymph circulation are eliminated more quickly and effectively.

To better understand its usefulness, it is important to understand that the lymphatic system has two main functions:

Purification of toxins and waste substances from the body.
Protection against bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances that may enter the body.

To perform these functions, the system must prevent the accumulation of fluids and the absorption of fat and soluble vitamins from the digestive tract and transport them through the circulatory system. To this end, lymphatic drainage is carried out in the form of a gentle, light massage of the circulatory system, with the aim of mobilising the body’s fluids to eliminate waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between the cells.

This makes lymphatic drainage a benchmark treatment for fluid retention, the reduction of cellulite, circulation problems, tired legs, scarring processes, acne, oedemas, etc.

Some of these benefits are the aesthetic reflection of its main characteristics:

It helps to reabsorb liquids.
It has a sedative action on pain.
It reduces inflammation.
It contributes to improving the body’s defences.
It produces a relaxing effect, so it is recommended for stressful situations.
Prevents bags and wrinkles.
Helps in the postoperative processes of cosmetic surgery, as it helps to accelerate the healing process.
it helps to accelerate the healing of the tissues, prevents oedemas, reduces inflammation and
oedemas, reduces inflammation and pain and increases the quality of the scar.

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