Pilates with machines

Discover the exciting world of the Pilates Method with Machines, a practice that goes beyond physical exercise.

This holistic approach combines strength and flexibility to help you achieve exceptional muscle toning, correct your posture and balance your body and mind. Inspired by the philosophy of Joseph H. Pilavtes, founder of the method, our approach will guide you towards achieving good posture and total control of your body.

In addition, Pilates with machines stands out as a valuable tool for both sports performance and rehabilitation.



You will need to take 2 individual introductory classes, in which the teacher will explain the basics and assess your level.

For only 35€For only 35€



The 60-minute individual class is designed so that the teacher can focus solely on you. You will improve your technique and get more out of the class. We have a voucher of 4 private classes that you can enjoy for a month.

From 45€From 45€

2 people


The 60 minutes semi-private class will be done with another person of your level. We have a voucher of 4 classes that you can enjoy during one month and a voucher of 8 sessions that you can do in two months.

From 30€From 30€


4 private classes
2 people
4 semi-private classes
2 people
8 Semi-private classes

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Benefits highlights

Accuracy and Protection

The Pilates Method with machines allows you to perform exercises with amazing precision, helping you to avoid injury and protect your spine. Each movement is executed in a controlled and focused manner, contributing to a safe and effective workout experience.

Endurance and Toning

As you progress in your practice, the adjustable resistance of the machines challenges you, increasing your muscular endurance. This allows you to achieve remarkable results in terms of toning and strength, leading you to feel stronger and fitter.

Improved posture and coordination

Pilates with machines, especially the Reformer, helps you maintain optimal posture, which contributes to the health of your spine and prevents chronic pain. In addition, it strengthens your core and improves coordination, which is reflected in greater agility and well-being in your daily life.

Speed and Comprehensive Results

The combination of the various machine add-ons allows you to progress at your own pace and adapt your practice to your needs and abilities. This versatility will help you achieve faster and more complete results, resulting in a lean and strong body.

Recommended frequency

We recommend practicing Pilates with machines twice a week to achieve visible results.

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It is very nice to do something relaxing. The staff treated us very well. Can't miss it, we will definitely come back. The staff were really lovely. I have been there twice with my partner and we love it. Thank you

A great place to go and relax through all the jets and pools. I took my sister as a birthday present while she was here on holiday. She loved it.

A wonderful Spa to have all manner of pools and treatments with hair and nails on site also. Bright and clean with good service. Recommended.

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